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Human Rights Ombudsman calls elections tranquil, calls on population to vote without fear


In an interview on Channel 33 less than an hour before the scheduled 5:00 PM

Human Rights Ombudsman David Morales (Photo: Democracy in the Americas)

Human Rights Ombudsman David Morales (Photo: Democracy in the Americas)

closing of the polls, Human Rights Ombudsman David Morales highlighted the tranquility of today’s electoral process.  “We haven’t observed any serious anomalies,” he said.  Morales commented that they had received different denouncements throughout the day that the Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office had investigated, mentioning isolated cases of people with disabilities and transgendered people being denied the right to vote. Continue reading


Workers denounce voter coercion

Francisco Gómez, a member of the Telecommunications Industry Workers Union (SITCOM), appeared on El Salvador’s national television station TVES this morning to denounce coercive actions by maquila factory owners to convince workers to vote for the right-wing ARENA party. He reported that a factory owner in the San Marcos free trade zone invited workers to a breakfast with Norman Quijano, candidate for ARENA, and that after Quijano left, the boss made threats against workers. Continue reading

President Funes reports that 24 companies have been charged with influencing votes

Source: Transparencia Activa (http://www.transparenciaactiva.gob.sv) [Informal translation]

by Presidential Communications Secretary, February 7, 2014

Mauricio Funes, President of the Republic, revealed that a total of 24 companies have been charged before the Labor Ministry for coercing their workers to vote for a particular political party in the second round of elections, which is a felony punishable with jail time. Continue reading

Man intimidating women voters in Antiguo Cuscatlan

reported by CISPES

An elderly woman voting at the Centro Escolar Walter Thilo Deininger Voting Center in Antiguo Cuscatlan reported to one of CISPES’ observers that a man wearing a long-sleeved beige shirt was threatening to hit women and generally intimidating women voters inside the center.  Observers identified the man and have been monitoring him.  He continues to be walking around inside the voting center, though no additional incidents have been reported.  The situation has been denounced to the appropriate authorities.