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John Kerry congratulates Salvador Sánchez Cerén

by CISPESJohn_Kerry_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait

This morning, US Secretary of State John Kerry congratulated Salvador Sánchez Cerén for his election as president of El Salvador [full text after the jump].  The international solidarity community celebrates this important recognition of the decision made by Salvadoran voters at the polls on March 9th in elections the Organization of American States and the United Nations have applauded as highly transparent and fair. The US Embassy in El Salvador reiterated Kerry’s congratulations in a statement published on Twitter.

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Mass Media a Key Ally In ARENA Destabilization Campaign


In the wake of El Salvador’s tight March 9th Presidential elections, the country’s national commercial media, always notoriously conservative, have become active agents in spreading confusion and misinformation generated by the ARENA party in its quest to undermine El Salvador’s democratic institutions. The media’s complicity in ARENA’s campaign to contest the election results and generate political instability have drawn sharp criticism from across Salvadoran civil and political society. Continue reading

TSE Formally Announces Sánchez Cerén As El Salvador’s President-Elect; ARENA Will Continue To Contest Results


On Sunday March 16th, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) formally announced that FMLN candidate Salvador Sánchez Cerén is El Salvador’s new president-elect. Although the final review of the elections results finished on March 12th, giving the FMLN the win 50.11% to 49.89%, the TSE was first obliged to respond to a series of formal petitions filed by the ARENA party calling to annul the elections before officially declaring a winner. Continue reading

Groups gather to applaud electoral authority


Photo: ContraPunto

Photo: ContraPunto

Yesterday morning, with the final vote count finally finished, social movement organizations and civil society groups gathered at the Salvador del Mundo monument in San Salvador to celebrate that the count was finished and to demand that the country’s democratic institutions be respected. Continue reading

Results are in: FMLN wins presidential elections


Last night, shortly after midnight, El Salvador’s electoral authority, the Supreme

TSE's final results (Image: Tribunal Supremo Electoral)

TSE’s final results (Image: Tribunal Supremo Electoral)

Electoral Tribunal (TSE), finished the final count of the original vote tally sheets from each of the country’s 10,445 voting tables. The process was delayed by the right-wing ARENA party, whose representatives abandoned the counting tables on multiple occasions throughout the evening. In the name of stability and the public’s right to the results, the TSE ultimately decided continue the count with or without ARENA’s presence. The final results came in with 1,495,815 votes for FMLN candidate Salvador Sánchez Cerén and 1,489,451 votes for ARENA candidate Norman Quijano, a difference of 6,364 votes, or 0.22%, in favor of the FMLN. Continue reading

Electoral authority informs diplomatic corps about elections


conrreeToday the president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Eugenio Chicas, as well as the Minister of Foreign Relations, Jaime Miranda, gave a presentation to over 50 ambassadors of foreign nations and heads of international organisms stationed in El Salvador to inform them about the elections.

Chicas highlighted the transparency of the result transmission process, in which copies of the original vote counts recorded at voting tables were given to representatives of the Attorney General’s Office, the Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office, and the competing political parties.  Continue reading

Upside Down World: In the Face of an Expected Election Defeat, El Salvador’s Right-wing ARENA Party ‘Prepared for War’

Check out an excellent article about Sunday’s elections on Upside Down World by CISPES Executive Director Alexis Stoumbelis.  You can read the original post on UDW here.  A copy of the article is available after the jump.

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