Electoral authority informs diplomatic corps about elections


conrreeToday the president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Eugenio Chicas, as well as the Minister of Foreign Relations, Jaime Miranda, gave a presentation to over 50 ambassadors of foreign nations and heads of international organisms stationed in El Salvador to inform them about the elections.

Chicas highlighted the transparency of the result transmission process, in which copies of the original vote counts recorded at voting tables were given to representatives of the Attorney General’s Office, the Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office, and the competing political parties.  The preliminary results were calculated from scanned copies of the original counts that were electronically transmitted to the TSE headquarters on the evening of Election Day.  Images of the scans used for the preliminary count were uploaded online for public access, so anyone can verify them against their copy of the original.  The final count that is currently underway and will officially determine the winner will be done using the actual originals of every voting tables vote count.  Chicas also explained that of all the vote counts from over 10,400 voting tables across the country, only 21 contained errors or inconsistencies of some type, all of which will be resolved during the final count process.

The Minister of Foreign relations noted the timeliness and transparency of the preliminary count, saying his offices, “dismiss any claims of fraud.”  Furthermore, the head of the Organization of American States (OAS) observer mission recognized the “efficient, agile and transparent transmission of the preliminary electoral results.”  Multiple ambassadors also congratulated the TSE on a successful and transparent electoral process.

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