Human Rights Ombudsman calls elections tranquil, calls on population to vote without fear


In an interview on Channel 33 less than an hour before the scheduled 5:00 PM

Human Rights Ombudsman David Morales (Photo: Democracy in the Americas)

Human Rights Ombudsman David Morales (Photo: Democracy in the Americas)

closing of the polls, Human Rights Ombudsman David Morales highlighted the tranquility of today’s electoral process.  “We haven’t observed any serious anomalies,” he said.  Morales commented that they had received different denouncements throughout the day that the Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office had investigated, mentioning isolated cases of people with disabilities and transgendered people being denied the right to vote.

The Human Rights Ombudsman also said his office had received denouncements of gang members intimidating voters, but that upon investigation most of these were determined to be rumors, as was the case during the February 2nd elections. Morales added that during the previous elections, observers from the United Nations that visited voting centers in neighborhoods known for heavy gang presence like La Campanera in Soyapango were pleasantly surprised by the tranquility at voting centers.

He went on to discuss text messages being sent to Salvadoran cell phones today and social media campaigns that attempt to discredit the FMLN ticket by spreading rumors aimed at inspiring fear in voters.  Morales also commented that the Ministry of Labor had received an influx of denouncements from workers being pressured by their employers to vote a certain way.  The Human Rights Ombudsman concluded by calling on workers and the entire population to vote with their conscious, reminding them that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal ensures privacy measures to ensure a secret vote.

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