OAS, other international delegations affirm fair electoral process


Various international observation delegations reported yesterday on the “strong and balanced civic and electoral organization” of El Salvador’s March 9th election. Among the delegates was the former president of Ecuador’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal, who stated, “We haven’t seen anything close to the possibility of fraud.”

oeaIn another press conference, observers from the Organization of American States (OAS) expressed their satisfaction with “the tranquility with which the elections were carried out.”

Several observers, including the President of the Bolivian Senate, also condemned right-wing ARENA candidate Norman Quijano’s inflammatory statements on Sunday – particularly his call to the armed forces – as an incitement to violence and “disrespect for democracy.”

The only dissenting voice came from the observation delegation of the International Democrat Union (IDU), a global alliance of over 80 conservative political parties founded by George Bush Sr. in 1983. The IDU cited cases of apparent irregularities and highlighted “the serious questions raised by ARENA” around the electoral process. ARENA is a dues-paying member of the IDU, whose website explicitly states that members will “assist each other to win the political argument, and to win elections.

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