Groups gather to applaud electoral authority


Photo: ContraPunto

Photo: ContraPunto

Yesterday morning, with the final vote count finally finished, social movement organizations and civil society groups gathered at the Salvador del Mundo monument in San Salvador to celebrate that the count was finished and to demand that the country’s democratic institutions be respected. Continue reading


Armed Forces reject ARENA’s call to intervene in elections


Minister of Defense at press conference to announce that Armed Forces will respect election outcome

On Wednesday March 12, 2014, David Mungía Payes, Minister of Defense, announced at a press conference that the Salvadoran armed forces would respect the outcome of the elections, refuting claims made by ARENA presidential hopeful Norman Quijano that the army was prepared to act to intervene in what ARENA claims are fraudulent elections. Continue reading

U.S. Congressman applauds the Electoral Tribunal for final vote count



Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) issued this bilingual statement  congratulating the Salvadoran people on their democratic election, applauding the Supreme Electoral Tribunal for its impartial and transparent management of the elections – especially the final vote count – and expressing his enthusiasm to continue good relations with El Salvador’s next president.

Read his full statement below:

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Jesuit University of Central America responds to ARENA’s destabilization attempts


(Read the original in Spanish here)

The University of Central America (UCA), after bearing witness to the electoral process, learning of the ARENA party’s position, analyzing the current electoral legislation and closely following the actions of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, and after hearing and evaluating the reports from various national and international electoral observer missions, makes the following declaration:

1)     We are deeply concerned by the actions of the ARENA leadership, who have recklessly and irresponsibly adopted a confrontational position and attitude. Their rhetoric shows disrespect for the legitimate role of the Armed Forces and goes against the spirit of the Peace Accords, and is an attitude that threatens the stability and institutional authority of the country.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on international community to support elections results

ImageMessage of the Government of El Salvador to the International Community:

In response to the events that transpired in the country after the runoff Presidential Elections for 2014-2019, particularly the questioning of the transparency of the process and the authority of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the government of El Salvador, via its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, declares the following: Continue reading

Results are in: FMLN wins presidential elections


Last night, shortly after midnight, El Salvador’s electoral authority, the Supreme

TSE's final results (Image: Tribunal Supremo Electoral)

TSE’s final results (Image: Tribunal Supremo Electoral)

Electoral Tribunal (TSE), finished the final count of the original vote tally sheets from each of the country’s 10,445 voting tables. The process was delayed by the right-wing ARENA party, whose representatives abandoned the counting tables on multiple occasions throughout the evening. In the name of stability and the public’s right to the results, the TSE ultimately decided continue the count with or without ARENA’s presence. The final results came in with 1,495,815 votes for FMLN candidate Salvador Sánchez Cerén and 1,489,451 votes for ARENA candidate Norman Quijano, a difference of 6,364 votes, or 0.22%, in favor of the FMLN. Continue reading

United Nations calls on all parties to respect the vote count

The United Nations System in El Salvador, at the conclusion of the second round of presidential elections on Sunday, March 9, 2014:

Congratulates the Salvadoran population for exercising their right to elect their highest authorities, in a collective, civic and peaceful manner. This overwhelming participation, which exceeded 60 % of the electoral register, shows the firm intention of the Salvadoran people to strengthen its democratic system and deepen the political and institutional progress made since the signing of the Peace Accords. Continue reading