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That’s All, Folks!

With the TSE officiating the close of El Salvador’s 2014 presidential elections and the US government joining the rest of the international community to recognize the results and congratulate President-elect Salvador Sánchez Cerén, we feel that now is the appropriate time to bring this blog to a close.

CISPES, US-El Salvador Sister Cities and the SHARE Foundation would like to thank the thousands of readers who have followed this blog throughout the course of these exciting and historic elections. We also thank all those who have contributed content.

Although this blog is closing, we will continue to generate news, analysis and calls for action on our organization’s individual pages. We encourage you to continue keep up with news and solidarity actions around El Salvador in this critical new era for the nation’s growing democracy—the need for international solidarity is now as great as ever!



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Thanks, and ¡adelante!


TSE Rejects ARENA’s Last Appeals, Announces Closure of Electoral Process

TSE Magistrates announced their decision Monday night

TSE Magistrates announced their decision Monday night


On the evening of Monday, March 24, El Salvador’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) officially closed the books on the 2014 presidential elections, announcing its dismissal of the last of ARENA’s appeals and declaring the results firm and final.

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President and President-Elect Begin Transition, FMLN Announces New Ministries


On Monday, March 17, President Mauricio Funes convened a meeting between members of his cabinet and the planning commission assembled by President-elect Salvador Sánchez Cerén to begin the transition between administrations. “We promise the president-elect all of our collaboration, energy and willingness to work in order to guarantee the most orderly transition possible,” said Funes, adding that despite ARENA’s ongoing campaign against the nation’s democratic institutions, “for the President of the Republic and his team, it’s enough for us that the maximum [electoral] authority has made its verdict known to the people…to begin working.”

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