Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on international community to support elections results

ImageMessage of the Government of El Salvador to the International Community:

In response to the events that transpired in the country after the runoff Presidential Elections for 2014-2019, particularly the questioning of the transparency of the process and the authority of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the government of El Salvador, via its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, declares the following:

  • The five presidential elections, as well as the seven municipal and legislative elections that have taken place in the country during the last 22 years, constitute a clear proof of the deep democratic transformation experienced by the Salvadoran people since the signing of the Peace Accords in 1992.
  • The support of the international community has been definitive in terms of achieving peace as well as in the process of construction and consolidation of Salvadoran democratic institutions.
  • Dialogue and consensus among the country’s political forces, civil society and the State, have allowed for the strengthening and continuous perfection of the Electoral System, with rules and regulations upheld by all national political actors.
  • Any challenge to the Electoral System, its authorities and its processes, represents a serious obstacle to carrying out procedures and meeting deadlines stipulated by electoral law, and in turn, to the necessary conclusion of the March 9, 2014 elections.

Therefore, as a country that loves peace and democracy, El Salvador calls upon the international community to express its support for our country’s democratic and electoral institutions and of the March 9, 2014 electoral results certified by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, and to continue to actively accompany the process of strengthening of democracy initiated in 1992.

San Salvador, March 12, 2014

This statement from the Salvadoran government regarding the post-election events that have taken place was shared with the international community, in the context of a meeting held this Wednesday held by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jaime Miranda Flamenco and magistrates of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, (TSE) for the diplomatic corps and representatives of international organizations accredited in the country, to address the final vote count process currently underway to scrutinize the results of the March 9th presidential election.

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