TSE orders removal of television advertisements

At 3:37 PM, Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) president Eugenio Chicas broadcast an announcement on all local TV stations.  In his message, he noted that more than 50% of the electorate has already voted and there is still over an hour left or more people to vote.  He also made an announcement that the TSE had made a unanimous decision that a series of TV advertisements promoting different projects of the Funes Administration needed to be taken off the air immediately.  He also ordered that a series of TV advertisements put out by the Movimiento 300 (300 Movement), which defines itself as a grouping of people “in disagreement with the political class,” also needed to be removed from the air.

Chicas also denounced that Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) party candidate Norman Quijano as well as several media sources have been illegally making announcements about preliminary results.  According to electoral law, the TSE is the only body that can provide preliminary and final results.

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