Trangendered voter denied right to vote

reported by CISPES

A voter reported to one of CISPES’ observers that when she arrived at her assigned voting table, poll workers would not allow her to vote.  The voter is a transgendered woman, whose ID card lists her legal name (José Francisco Portillo Argueta) and bears a photo of her without the makeup she usually wears.  She was told that since her appearance didn’t match her appearance in the photo, she could not vote.  This incident occurred this morning in the municipality of San Marcos at the Avenida Mario Zanconato voting center at voting table 1704.

For the first time ever this year, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal has publicly announced that everyone has the right to vote, and can’t be discriminated against based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender presentation. Yesterday, the TSE sent a memo to poll workers reiterating that transgendered people have a right to vote if: 1) Their physical traits are visible in their ID photo, 2) Their legal name coincides with the ID number listed on the voter rolls, 3) Their signature coincides with the signature on their ID card, and 4) They fulfill all other legal requirements to be able to vote.  Poll workers were oriented by the TSE that the photo didn’t need to be an exact match, but should be used simply for identification purposes and they should focus on matching specific physical traits (eye shape, cheek bones, etc.) when identifying the person presenting the ID card.

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