Delay opening in many polling stations


According to reports from national and international elections observers, many polling stations have yet to open due to an inability of the UNIDAD and ARENA to staff the thousands of JRV tables throughout the county.  The problem is not unexpected given waning support for the UNIDAD and ARENA parties.  However, some have noted that the failure to properly staff the JRV’s could be part of a strategy to obstruct the voting process, particularly in districts seen as FMLN strongholds.   The being said, the problem should not hinder any of the locations from opening in entirely.  The TSE (the government agency in charge of administering the elections) has processes in place in case of just such a problem.  While the staffing issues on behalf of the less popular parties is an inconvenience to early-rising electorate; current expectations are such that everyone should be able to vote at their respective locations, albeit later than 7am.

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