CISPES observers interviewed on TVX, underscore transparency of these elections in comparison to past elections

laura1Representatives of the CISPES and SHARE observation teams were invited to the TVX studios several times throughout the day to share their preliminary reports. During their first interview, they both noted several efforts that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal had taken to guarantee transparency, including purging 54,000 names from the electoral registry that appeared in 2009 (but should not have). They commented that these were the calmest elections that our organizations have observed in El Salvador over the years, and highlighted the contrast from the recent election in Honduras, when delegations from Sister Cities and SHARE denounced wide-spread fraud.

In terms of electoral code violations that had been observed, Laura shared denouncements that have been made by workers at two factories, NEMTEX and MDR, whose employers were pressuring them to vote for ARENA.

The international observers expressed their hope and confidence that the Salvadoran people would “express their vote in a peaceful and transparent climate” and that they would “enjoy the fiesta cívica (civic celebration),” as the elections are often referred to in El Salvador.

Tune in at 7:30 EST//4:30 PST for the final installment of our interview on TVX.

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