CISPES mid-day report, lots of people coming to vote, polling places are calm


The Interamerican Union of Electoral Organizations gave a mid-day press conference with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal in which they reported that the elections are thus far unfolding without major incidents or anomalies.

La Prensa Grafica reported that at mid-day, approximately 32% of eligible voters had already voted. The number of votes cast by 12:00 noon suggests that the voter participation rate will be higher than it was during the 2012 legislative and municipal election.

CISPES observers also report high voter turnout, as well as a calm environment. Several observers have commented on a lot of support and co-operation among poll workers to make sure that people with disabilities and people with limited mobility are able to vote.

Several observers also noted polling places that were delayed in opening, primarily due to the late arrival of ARENA and/or Unidad representatives, either those working at the tables (Juntas Receptoras de Votos) or members of the municipal elections board (Juntas Electorales Municipales). Late openings have  been a common occurrence during past elections, too, and as CISPES reported earlier this morning, the TSE was confident that the delays would not result in anyone being denied the opportunity to vote.

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